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New MEMS velocity sensors

These “fit and forget” MEMS-based sensors and transmitters provide consistent performance with minimal power consumption. MEMS-based sensors and transmitters have a range of benefits. These devices are solutions for rotating and reciprocating equipment such as blowers, fans, hydro turbines, motors, pumps, and recips. MEMS can be applied in hydropower, oil & gas, power generation, processing, and others.

MEMS-Based Velocity Sensors

The VSI-101 and VSI-201 MEMS-based velocity sensors easily measure frequencies between 1Hz to 5 kHz and vibration levels up to 50g. These compact units feature the ability to make very low-frequency measurements, down to 1Hz. It contains a smart IP68 sensor which surpasses performance specifications of both moving coil and piezo stack-based technologies.


MEMS-Based Velocity Transmitters

The VT-201 and VT-202 MEMS velocity transmitters showcase IP68 protection and measure ISO 20816 relevant frequency ranges of 2Hz to 1000Hz and 10Hz to 1000Hz. Provided is a 4-20mA transmitter signal velocity output so the sensor can directly connect to a DCS/PLC. There is a compact (90° angled version). It’s a ”one sensor fits all” solution.