BlackSky, SynMax Monitoring US Coal Power Plant Inventories

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The two companies are supporting sustainable energy sources by utilizing satellite imagery.

BlackSky Technology has been chosen by energy intelligence firm, SynMax, to oversee over 100 coal power plants in the United States. This collaboration aims to provide the most accurate and timely energy intelligence assessment globally, aiding in national efforts to transition from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources. Through BlackSky’s imagery services, SynMax can offer detailed information on coal stockpiles. Acknowledging the diminishing role of coal in the energy grid is crucial for energy transition planning.

"BlackSky’s real-time, dynamic monitoring capabilities are transforming the global coal industry's approach to assessing crucial economic indicators at scale," stated Brian E. O’Toole, BlackSky's CEO. "As the commercial market continues to expand, forward-thinking industry intelligence partners like SynMax are among the first in the energy sector to provide their clients with a competitive edge using real-time, precise space-based sensor data."

After a detailed review of various satellite data providers, SynMax opted for BlackSky’s advanced burst imagery capability. This technology focuses on a specific target, generating five images within a 15-second timeframe, allowing for multiple viewing angles and unsurpassed accuracy of the subsequent analysis. It also facilitates motion tracking of objects at the target site. BlackSky's unique ability to capture imagery from early morning to late evening sets it apart. SynMax plans to use this time-diverse imagery to develop 3-D volumetric products.


Eric Anderson, SynMax's Chief Technology Officer, highlighted, "BlackSky’s low-latency image data, available from dawn to dusk, will provide the highest degree of accuracy in monitoring coal inventories. Real-time dynamic monitoring capabilities will allow SynMax to remain at the forefront of the energy intelligence industry and pave the way for future collaborations on energy intelligence and maritime projects."

BlackSky is a provider of real-time geospatial intelligence, offering high-frequency imagery, monitoring, and analytics of strategic locations, economic assets, and significant global events. SynMax is an energy intelligence company providing actionable insights and data-driven solutions to energy industry stakeholders.