Caribbean combined cycle plant ready to use natural gas

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The Bogue combined cycle power plant in Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica, has been converted to dual fuel capability, according to the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). The plant produces 120MW of the country's average daily use of over 600MW of electricity.

The plant is now able to use natural gas, as well as automotive diesel oil (ADO), which it has been using since its commissioning in 2004. The work commenced in January this year, and was completed on April 26, on time and within budget, at a cost of US$22.7 million or J$2.7 billion.

The arrival of liquefied natural gas is being undertaken by United States-based New Fortress Energy, and is likely to reach the plant by August this year. The newly converted Bogue plant is likely to begin using the fuel after that.


Senior vice-president of Generation Joseph Williams said: "This is just the first phase of a deepening fuel diversification process which is taking place at JPS. We are excited to be a leader of this revolutionary move, which will not only see a more diverse energy landscape, but also possibilities for the commercial and transportation sectors."