Brightmark, Chevron Deliver RNG Through Anaerobic Digestion

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The joint venture at Larson Family Farms converts livestock biogas into transportation fuel and organic fertilizer.

Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC announced the delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG) from the Larson Project in Okeechobee County, FL, containing four lagoon anaerobic digesters located onsite at Larson Family Farms.

"This 'first gas' milestone with Larson Family Farms is a testament to the power that a circular solution like anaerobic digestion has to dramatically reduce methane emissions and promote economic development in local communities," said Bob Powell, Founder and CEO of Brightmark. "Our collaboration with Chevron and Larson demonstrates the continued growth of the RNG market propelled by the agricultural and food waste industry."


The Larson Project joins a network of projects from Brightmark RNG—a partnership between Chevron U.S.A. and Brightmark Fund Holdings—across the United States that will produce low-carbon transportation fuel from dairy. It will capture methane from cow manure and be processed through anaerobic digestion to convert it to RNG.

The converted RNG is used as transportation fuel and the solid byproducts of digestion are transformed into organic fertilizer. Additionally, recaptured water is cycled directly back to the farm or to the site of the anaerobic digesters for reuse.

"Our continued partnership with Brightmark demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of this project for it to be sustainable and beneficial to farmers like us," said Woody Larson, Founding Rancher, Family Tree Enterprises and owner of Larson Family Farms. "The value of the RNG produced balances the offsets associated with production while maintaining the health of the farm and its animals."