Cameron unveils new Turbo-Air NX 12000 compressors for refinery applications

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The new Turbo-Air NX product line from Cameron is the latest of integrally geared centrifugal compressors that is expected to be at the forefront of every plant managers’ mind. The Turbo-Air NX 12000 showcases robust design features that optimize flow and efficiency in a compact footprint. 

Its performance characteristics can make this machine an ideal selection for compressed air or gas requirements in air separation, steel, mining, automotive, aerospace and petrochemical industries.

(The new Turbo-Air NX 12000)

The compressors are said to be compliant with API 614, 670, 671 & 672 standards, making it a distinctive choice for refinery applications. The stout, thoroughly-engineered new machine design showcases several new performance enhancing features, some of which are patent pending.

• Maestro Universal SP Control System – A new split-panel design separates access for single-phase and three-phase circuits, and a single-point electrical service connection provides quick, hassle-free installation and maintenance, while providing compressor monitoring and set-point control.

• Compact, High-Performance Lubrication System – A coolant-side temperature control valve regulates coolant flow to optimize system efficiency, and the SAE double O-ring connections ensure a leak-free performance.


• 5-Axis Milled Impellers  – Designed with the aid of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) techniques, Cameron’s expertise allows us to engineer and manufacture these highly precise rotating components to provide optimized flow and increased efficiency.

• Compressor Cooling System – The standard water-in-tube design is constructed with high quality materials and close manufacturing tolerances for distinct heat transfer properties and compressor performance. Cameron also has designed each intercooler/aftercooler bundle and header to be interchangeable between compression stages. These interchangeable water headers were designed to integrate the water manifold and distribution system with an optional trim valve, again simplifying installation and increasing performance.

• Gearbox – Cameron’s design features standard removable cover along a horizontal split-line for ease of inspection and maintenance, and a high-gloss epoxy based exterior finish.  Extended life horizontally split tilting pad pinion thrust bearings, integral lubrication delivery channels, and maintenance free horizontally-split labyrinth air and oil seals are all new features for Cameron’s TURBO-AIR line.

       Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings (patent pending) – specifically engineered to increase the aerodynamic performance of each stage while minimizing the parasitic losses associated with typical pinion thrust bearings.

        Horizontally Spilt Gas and Oil Seals (patent pending) – non-contacting, non-wearing gas and oil seals ensure delivery of 100 percent oil-free air/gas for the life of the compressor, and the horizontally split, hardware-free, interlocking design allows for hassle-free maintenance and inspection.

• Variable Inlet Guide Vanes – Supplied as a standard on the Turbo-Air NX 12000, Cameron’s Inlet Guide vanes are designed to efficiently regulate inlet flow conditions to facilitate control of discharge flow and pressure as conditions in the operating environment fluctuate.

When operating in turndown, the geometry of the guide vane blades pre-rotate the air/gas stream in the direction of the impeller blades before it reaches the first compression stage to reduce the amount of work required to change the direction of the flow and increase the operating efficiency when in turndown.

In addition, the integrally geared centrifugal (IGC) compressor technology offers several intrinsic benefits over alternative technologies.

• IGC compressors are more efficient because the dynamic compression process allows for a near isothermal compression of air/gas, translating into energy savings (lower cost/CFM). 

• IGC compressors provide a wide operating range and can throttle back over 30 percent from design flow conditions.

• The minimal number of rotating components ensures higher reliability and lower lifetime maintenance costs. 

• IGC compressors are tested to PTC-10 Type II requirements to guarantee the achievement of contractual aerodynamic and mechanical performance.

Cameron’s Turbo-Air NX 12000 compressor is said to provide superior energy efficiency, high reliability, low lifetime maintenance costs, and new energy saving design techniques and features. It is expected to offer the lowest total cost of ownership over competing brands and technologies for compressed air applications.