Capstone continues penetration of Russian oil fields

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Capstone Turbine Corporation, a clean-technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, recently received additional orders from BPC Engineering for associated gas to energy projects in the Nikolskoye oilfield. Capstone's Russian distributor BPC Engineering is supplying the equipment for the second stage of the distributed microturbine power station at the Nikolskoye oilfield owned by Bogorodskneft, a subsidiary of Jukola-neft.

The power station is intended for associated gas utilization and power supply for custody transfer facility at the Nikolskoye oilfield located in the Saratov Region. This project will allow Bogorodskneft to avoid environmental penalties for excessive gas flaring that came into force in January 2012. Capstone microturbines made unnecessary the installation of an additional gas treatment facility for gas engine generator sets.


High operational compatibility

With a high degree of operational compatibility and modular design, the microturbines allowed the incremental increase of power at the site in accordance with new drilling and increased oil production. The first stage of the power station included two Capstone C65 microturbines and was installed in September 2011. Thermal energy of these units is used for oil heating.  

Currently, the second stage consists of a C600 microturbine unit and a C65 with commercial operation planned in the third quarter of 2012. BPC Engineering will perform installation supervision, pre-commissioning and customers’ staff training. After the completion of the project, the power station will be able to utilize more than 2.3 million cubic meters of associated gas from the Nikolskoye oilfield. The total power output of the new station will be approximately 800KW and the thermal output approximately 240KW. 

Alexander Skorokhodov, BPC Engineering CEO said, "The Capstone microturbines utilizing this associated gas provide very low cost of power generation – about 0.9 - 1.2 rubles per KW and a short payback period of three to five years."