Capstone microturbines going to remote compressor station in Australia

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Capstone sold eight dual-mode C65 microturbines to a major natural gas infrastructure company in Australia. The order is expected to be commissioned by June 2021. The customer owns and operates gas transmission and distribution assets that span every state and territory in mainland Australia.

Eight skid-mounted natural gas-fueled C65 microturbines will provide prime power generation to one of the company's remote compressor stations in Western Australia. The microturbine array will be installed in a dual-mode configuration, allowing customers to operate independently of the grid, or with the grid, in a load sharing capacity.


Compressor stations push natural gas and petroleum products through a network of transmission pipelines. The station compresses the gas, thereby providing energy to move it through the pipeline. In Western Australia, the pipelines stretch thousands of miles to supply gas to power major cities, towns, and remote mining operations.