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New Orders, Energy-as-a-Service Developments

800 KW Microturbines

Capstone Green Energy Corporation secured an order for a 1.6 MW microturbine for an oil production site in Southern California. The new installation will feature two natural gas-fueled Capstone C800 Signature Series microturbines. It will also include a Capstone Logic Controller (CLC), which provides a control interface. The microturbines will be configured to use the gas byproduct of the oil production as a fuel, thus reducing the need for gas flaring.

Offshore Platform Order

It’s secured an order for two 65 kW systems from an upstream oil & gas company. The microturbines will be deployed at an unmanned offshore platform on the northwest coast of Malaysia. The ATEX-certified microturbines will serve as main power for the platform and allow the operator to increase on-platform power availability. It replaces a Calnetix Power Solutions TA100 microturbine currently on-site. The new microturbines run on raw associated gas released from the wellhead and don’t require oil or lubricants. This translates into higher equipment availability and longer maintenance intervals, providing a significant performance advantage compared to reciprocating engines.

Eaas contracts


Capstone’s Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) rental contracts pushed to 39 MW. The Company expects it will reach its 50 MW target by March 31, 2023.

These new contracts represent the continued expansion of the EaaS strategy and is indicative of demand. Capstone continues to invest in energy solutions, equating to approximately 1,503,100 tons of carbon emission savings over the last four years.