New York retailers signs up for microturbines

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Capstone Turbine Corporation, the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced today that it received an order for a C1000 Signature Series microturbine complete with five integrated hot water heat recovery (HRM) modules.

“It is our second new upgraded Signature Series C1000 to be sold into the critical New York area market and is going into a leading food retailer facility. Additionally, it is one of our first C1000s sold with our new integrated HRM modules in the United States,” said Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer at Capstone.

RSP Systems, Capstone’s distributor for greater New York area and Connecticut, secured the order, which is scheduled to ship in March and to be commissioned in late 2017. Capstone microturbines were selected for their ultra low emissions and ability to reduce the manufacturer’s operational costs while also providing reliable backup power. In addition, the project qualified for a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) incentive grant that was awarded to this leading food retailer in the New York area.

The natural gas-fueled microturbines will be installed in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration and operate in parallel with the main electrical distribution system to power the facility. The thermal energy generated will offset the usage of the gas-fired boilers and be used to make hot water for the onsite cleaning system. Additionally, the microturbine will provide approximately 700kW of backup power in the event of a utility outage.


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the New York Department of Public Service recently extended energy savings targets under the state’s Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) and allocated funds from its Clean Energy Fund. These incentive funds are meant to encourage the purchase of more efficient power generating equipment, which helps meet the goals of the country’s Clean Power Plan.

Jim Crouse, Capstone’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: “RPS Systems continues to add to their impressive New York area installed base of marque installations that already include several Class A office buildings, mixed use buildings, industrial applications, hospitals, universities, a sports center, zoo and now a leading food retailer,” added Crouse.