Capstone secures consecutive 200 KW orders for Polish wastewater treatment plant & recreational waterpark

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Capstone received two consecutive orders that include a C200S for a wastewater treatment facility and a C200R for a recreational waterpark in Poland. ASPAMET, Capstone's exclusive distributor in Poland secured the orders, which are expected to be commissioned in early 2021.

Destined for a municipal water and treatment facility in the city of Mińsk Mazowiecki, the C200S microturbine will replace an aging reciprocating engine. Once commissioned, the microturbine will operate on the biogas, or "organic waste," produced on-site from municipal solid waste. The C200S microturbine will be deployed in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration. The clean heat exhaust from the microturbines will be captured using heat exchangers and used for digester heating, hot water production, and the preheating of sludge to support the water treatment process, all while providing the highest system efficiency possible.

Wastewater treatment plants are considered to be some of the largest consumers of energy for cities and municipalities. Improving energy efficiency in wastewater treatment facilities can produce a range of environmental and economic benefits, including lowering carbon emissions, reducing energy costs, and improving energy and water security.

The second order for a low-pressure natural gas-fueled C200R microturbine will be installed in a large recreational water park with amenities that include numerous swimming pools, an early education center, recreation facility, ice rink, and go-kart track. The C200R's ultra-low exhaust emissions and relatively low noise levels were of particular interest to park operators as some of the facility will be utilized for a kindergarten classroom for the local community.


The C200 microturbine will serve as the primary source of electrical power for the energy intensive site and will be installed in a CHP application designed to cover all basic energy and heating needs. Along with industry-leading reliability and resiliency, the C200R features low-emissions, low maintenance costs, and a low carbon footprint.

Both sites received incentive funding from the European Union with a grant that supports energy-related projects that will benefit the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the use of renewable energy, or improving energy efficiency. The water park received additional funding from the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.