Capstone September 2022 Digest

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Developments for Capstone Green Energy Corporation

2.2 MW in Oil & Gas Rental Contracts

Their Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) secured orders totaling 2.2 MW from four U.S.-based oil & gas customers.

The new orders include:

A 1.4 MW long-term rental contract that is to be deployed in early 2023 in Louisiana,

An additional six C65 microturbines totaling 390kW of rental power in the U.S. shale fields, and

Another 400kW of power generation to an oil and gas operator on the North Slopes of Alaska at an existing rental location. The facility operators wanted a modular, reliable, and cost-effective solution to replace their high-maintenance reciprocating genset. Compared to the former gensets, the new microturbine solution will operate with N+1 redundancy and can be easily expanded. The additional C65 rental contracts will be deployed across various oil and gas sites and be fueled by natural gas directly from the well sites.

Caribbean Oil & Gas Platform


Ractive Engineering secured an order for two C65 ATEX-certified microturbine systems. The microturbines will be fueled by available on-site wellhead gas and provide a power source for the unmanned gas platform located on the coast of Trinidad. The microturbines are expected to be commissioned by summer 2023. Reliable platform power is challenging in oil and gas exploration and production. These oil and gas sites sometimes have limited access to electricity. Capstone's microturbines can use unprocessed wellhead gas produced on-site as a fuel source with minimal pre-treatment. No lubricants or greases reduces fire risk in the equipment.

Krishan Gayah, President, Ractive Engineering says, "Compared to traditional reciprocating engines, microturbines can significantly cut maintenance time by as much as 95%.”

Follow-on Microturbines for Wellhead Sites

E-Finity Distributed Generation is securing five C65 microturbine systems to be deployed at various oil and gas wellhead sites in the Marcellus Shale region. The systems represent a second follow-on order from the customer. Once commissioned in the second quarter of 2023, the natural gas-fueled microturbine systems will provide continuous prime power for various sites across the Marcellus reserve, providing the electrical power required to operate equipment at the wellhead, metering, and dehydration sites. The dual-mode 65 kW microturbines allow power generation from on-site production gas.

Mexican 1.2 MW Order

DTC Soluciones is selling two Capstone C600 Signature Series microturbine systems totaling 1.2 MWs. One of the core challenges faced by the manufacturing industry is the need for reliable and efficient energy solutions that increase reliability. Capstone's microturbine energy systems are engineered to meet heavy electrical and thermal demands.

Jamaican High-rise

Innovative Energy Corporation (IEC) is sending out a C400 Signature Series microturbine along with a 10-year Factory Protection Plan (FPP) from the developers of the Terra Nova Hotel. It will feature a C400S installed in a combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) configuration.

In addition to generating on-site power, heating, and cooling, the microturbines will help the developers meet key strategic sustainability targets for increased energy efficiency of 85%.

With an anticipated commissioning date of November 2023, the new LNG-fueled CCHP system is designed to deliver 100% of the development's common area electricity, domestic hot water, and cooling needs. The microturbine-powered solution is expected to reduce the property's energy consumption by 55% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 567 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

Colorado Natural Gas Producer

Horizon Power Systems is installing five Capstone C65 microturbines at a remote natural gas wellsite in northwestern Colorado. Fueled by high-pressure natural gas (HPNG) produced on-site, the system will provide power to a saltwater disposal (SWD) facility at the wellsite. The microturbines will operate in dual mode. In this high-altitude environment, the microturbines provide reliability, withstand harsh weather conditions, and require minimal maintenance compared to reciprocating engines.

New York C1000’s

Five C1000 Signature Series microturbines are in route to an industrial grow house facility in upstate New York. The units will be deployed in two phases, with the first 2 MWs being commissioned at the end of 2022 and the remaining 3 MWs commissioned in early 2023. The project will allow the facility to generate reliable and cost-effective power on-site independent of the utility grid. In addition, Capstone's low emission microturbine technology meets New York's strict greenhouse gas emissions requirements.

Industrial cultivation and processing are energy-intensive operations, and utilities have struggled to provide adequate and resilient power to support growth. This problem is compounded for facilities in remote areas where infrastructure is not in place to support energy demand for grow operations. The 5 MW microturbine will operate in stand-alone mode, allowing operators to avoid the vulnerabilities of a traditional electric grid by generating power on-site at the source.