Capstone to deploy fifty C65 microturbines in Australia

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Capstone Turbine Corporation, manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, recently announced that it has secured an order by Optimal Group for fifty Capstone C65s with integrated heat exchangers to be deployed in Australia. Optimal Group, Capstone's Australian distributor, placed the order for the microturbines, for the launch of an Optimal rental fleet.

Optimal Group, a provider of cogeneration and trigeneration energy solutions in Australia, required a flexible solution for customers looking to utilize the benefits of microturbine technology while minimizing capital costs. That solution comes in the form of tailored short or long-term rental packages that include a Capstone Factory Protection Plan, providing customers with fixed cost comprehensive maintenance for up to nine years.

Capstone microturbines can be installed in a broad range of applications. Unlike traditional reciprocating engines, Capstone microturbines are considered to be quieter, cleaner, lighter, and have considerably lower long-term maintenance costs.


Ability to run continuously

Based on a patented air bearing technology, Capstone microturbines do not require coolants or lubricants and have the ability to run continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can either supplement the local utility in a peak shaving application or replace grid power entirely.

The Capstone C65 ICHP model also includes an integrated heat exchanger which easily captures the microturbine exhaust to help provide hot air/hot water in a cogeneration application or cold air/cold water in a trigeneration application. When deployed in these applications, the overall efficiency of the microturbines is expected to be more than 80 percent.

Optimal also assists customers in acquiring up to three-year gas supply contracts, fixing their energy costs, and securing their energy future while delivering carbon emission reductions in excess of 30 percent. With some customers only requiring equipment for a fixed short-term project life, Optimal's rental solution is said to be a perfect fit, delivering the performance needed without incurring up from capital costs.

Craig Dugan, CEO of Optimal Group Australia said the fifty turbines will form the foundation of the company’s new rental fleet for the fast growing Australian CHP market. “With power prices continuing to rise, our rental option provides customers immediate relief to spiraling energy costs without having to use their hard earned capital."

Jim Crouse, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Capstone Turbine said an increasing number of businesses are seeking ways to lower their energy costs while increasing their energy reliability.