CCC announces turbomachinery and process optimization studies

Published on: 

CCC (Compressor Controls Corporation) is expanding its capabilities to offer Turbomachinery and Process Optimization Studies as a new service for industrial process plant operators wanting to evaluate and optimize their turbomachinery assets and connected processes for higher return on investment.

"CCC turbomachinery experts work onsite with different disciplines to study turbomachinery assets, operational data, operations intelligence, and key performance indicators and provide a strong basis for executive and managerial decision-making," stated Stefano Belloni, service development director for CCC.

Stefano Belloni further illustrated the process to perform the optimization studies, "CCC collects design and operational data to identify limitations and constraints. Using analytical tools and engineering practices, the operating conditions and limits are properly calculated and visualized. Enhanced operating conditions are estimated and the corresponding economic benefits are quantified. The outcome of the study is delivered in a report and presentations for discussion and agreement with the process plant engineering and management teams. CCC defines the scope and budgetary costs for the modification, leading to return on investment calculations for investment evaluations."


Anyone interested in learning more about turbomachinery and process optimization studies should contact their local CCC account manager, or visit: