CCC bolsters front and engineering design service offering for oil & gas

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CCC (Compressor Controls Corporation) is expanding its capabilities to offer Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Services for upstream, midstream and downstream customers. This increased capacity has emerged from resource allocations across the professional services division, including new offices in Saudi Arabia and comprehensive workforce growth, as well as a sharpened focus on exciting developments in global green-field projects.

“Upstream, midstream and downstream markets around the globe are currently green-lighting dozens of massive projects – many of which were planned before and during the downturn but are now funded and about to enter their planning stages,” said Rich Hall, CCC’s Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. “Over the last 45 years, CCC’s experts have garnered more than 2 billion hours of consulting experience with turbomachinery control systems.”

Product Manager Stefano Belloni further illustrated why FEED Services are critical for customers, as “our expertise is most valuable to customers at the outset of projects, where we can assure proper design, identify clear requirements for EPCs, and define effective specifications for the hardware and software that will optimize performance over the life of the plant.”

CCC’s multidisciplinary FEED approach for turbomachinery control systems includes embedding project engineers onsite to work closely with customers and subject matter experts, to best absorb and match a customer’s process with suitable machinery, instrumentation and control. This tight collaboration is required to develop a proper foundational progression, which is proven to lead to optimal designs and clear documentation that eschews risks and change-management costs in the subsequent EPC, commissioning and operational phases.


Additional benefits from CCC’s FEED Services include:

  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Reduced risks and change-management costs on projects
  • Improved safety, reliability, process yield, and energy savings
  • Increased project-design control and compliance to global end-user specifications
  • Confidence that operators’ interests are represented and protected.

CCC’s modular Engineering Design Services (EDS) are flexible to specific project needs and timelines, and design methodologies can be adapted over time as project definitions evolve and expand.