Centrax expands into Russia

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Russia’s programme of wide-scale modernisation and expansion of its energy infrastructure is proving a powerful incentive for the UK packaging specialist Centrax as it moves to build on its significant market presence in Europe by establishing its first service centre in Russia. “The Centrax facility here in St Petersburg will enable us to manage site activities throughout the Russian federation,” reports Vladimir Skvortsov, General Director of Centrax RUS.

This expansion has its roots in discussions between Centrax and Russian engineering companies that eventually led to the sale of two 501-KB7 electrical generator sets, powered by Rolls-Royce aero-derivative gas turbines, for service at an oil and gas installation near Novosibirsk in 2006. 


This led to further sales indirectly and directly to TNK-BP, bringing the total number of Centrax units installed to 14 – with further deliveries planned for 2011.

When designing equipment for installation in Siberia the extreme environmental conditions the equipment will be operating in, as well as ensuring full compliance with all the relevant local legislation, such as GOST and Rosteknadzor certification, should be considered. 

One recently-modernised oil and gas energy installation in Russia for which Centrax provides core elements is a major power-generation complex serving the Van-Eganskoye field in the Khanty-Mansiysk area, operated by TNK-BP. With an output of 36.26MW, the station relies on seven CX501-KB7 sets. The first stage of this project was completed in mid-2010 and brought into service the first two CX501 gas turbines. Commissioning of four more units followed during 2010 and during the first quarter of 2011 the power station entered full commercial operation.

The gas turbines are mounted on a modular basis to ensure convenient and quick installation, commissioning and maintenance. The KB7 engine suits this installation perfectly as it is the most compact and efficient engine in its class, reaching 31.5 per cent efficiency. With its light weight, at less than one tonne, the engine can be delivered by road to any land base worldwide.