Centrica to overhaul gas-fired power station in UK

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British utility Centrica Plc recently announced plans to return its South Humber Bank gas-fired power station in Lincolnshire to full service in 2017. Centrica will overhaul gas turbines ahead of the start of its capacity market contract.


The 63 million pound overhaul of the 1,285 MW power station would secure its future up to 2027, the company said. The station's capacity is expected to increase by a further 14 MW as a result of the turbine upgrade.

Two of Centrica's gas plants were successful in Britain's first capacity market auction, where each was awarded a one year contract starting in October 2018. Under the capacity market system, introduced by the government to help drive investment in its electricity sector and ensure the country has enough power during times of high demand, the owners of power plants will be paid to provide electricity at short notice.