Chart and C.A.T. Carbon Capture M.O.U.

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Aiming to bring carbon solutions to the Middle East and Africa

Chart Industries, Inc. (Chart) and C.A.T. Group (C.A.T) are signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to bring carbon capture solutions to customers in the Middle East and Africa, with special focus on state-owned companies. C.A.T. and Chart are providing a turn-key solution.

Chart specializes in liquefaction and/or refrigeration, carbon capture, CO2 storage, trailers, vaporizers, and other associated equipment. C.A.T. brings brand recognition for the region’s customer base.


Joe Gebara the C.A.T. CEO, says, “Chart’s technology, equipment and services are well respected in the LNG and Carbon Capture domains, and jointly we will bring complete solutions in the Energy Transition to our clients in the Middle East and Africa.”