Chevron Lubricant Services

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Chevron Products Company has launched the Keep Clean Preferred Vendor Program to provide customers with the tools and services to make the most of their lubricants. The program recommends vendors who offer tools to enhance lubricant-reliant operations for small, medium, and large enterprises after products are purchased. From storage and handling, to sampling tools for fluid analysis, Keep Clean Vendors aid organizations with their maintenance and lubrication needs. Vendors are selected based off requirements for quality suppliers who can provide the resources and knowledge to keep lubricants clean once delivered and in-service.

A quality lubrication program requires a holistic approach ranging from how lubricants are purchased, stored, and handled throughout a facility. By starting clean with Chevron Isoclean Certified Lubricants, monitoring with the LubeWatch Fluid Analysis Program, and staying clean with the Keep Clean Preferred Vendor Program, organizations can increase uptime and extend component life.