Clutch for pumps

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The PosiClutch 200 by Force Control[/caption]

Force Control Industries has introduced the PosiClutch 200 Series PTO clutch, a hydraulically actuated microprocessor-controlled Oil Shear PTO clutch for high volume pump applications. Designed to mount on a diesel engine with flywheel housing, it can include up to 4 pump pads to drive additional hydraulic pumps, up to 400 HP.


There is no need for separate transmission fluid cooling equipment. At 33-¼ inches in length, including sheave support bracket, this is the most compact package available. It includes an internal brake that can be released to allow free movement of the output for inspection or freeing a jam. The controller communicates through

the J-1939 communications protocol used on most engines, to prevent damage by limiting engagement at proper engine speed, protecting the engine from overload and stall conditions, and detecting clutch damage.