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What Mytilineos does, the impact of its work, and key trends for mobile power

In the March/April edition of Turbomachinery International, we interviewed several companies to provide a blueprint for the mobile power industry. In this special online feature, we’ll take a closer look Mytilineos, a Greek-based engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor, operating globally in the energy, metallurgy, power and gas, renewables and storage, and sustainable engineering markets.

Getting Power – Anywhere in the World

Mytilineos works with gas turbine and various technology power plants, including mobile units, which can supply electricity on a fast-track basis. All packages are delivered, assembled, and pre-commissioned so that installation onsite is limited to interconnecting piping and cabling work. Thus, the installations require little to no site preparation and can supply power to the grid in a matter of months or even weeks.

Kostas Horinos, Executive Director of Mobile Power Projects at Mytilineos, explained that the company's mobile plants can run in dual-fuel operation with either natural gas or distillate. Moreover, all the systems related to fuel handling and treatment are also packaged in fully mobile and trailer-mounted form, allowing for quick site delivery. This consistency enables the units to address critical power needs and secure electricity in areas with inadequate generation capacity.

“The mobile power units (MPUs) secure power periods of high demand, such as peak periods during hot months, and extend support in case of damage to existing units,” Horinos said.

Customization, Mobility, Speed

Mytilineos uses fully portable MPUs with aeroderivative gas turbine technology that can run up to 35 MW per unit.

“We specialize in creating customized designs for gas mobile MPUs in collaboration with OEMs. Our approach involves utilizing a range of modular accessories to complete the design process quickly and safely, typically within a few months”, said Horinos. This customization extends to the ancillary and auxiliary equipment for the mobile packages, including the main gas turbine trailer, auxiliary turbine trailer, high voltage (HV) substation trailer, electrical auxiliary trailer, and more.

Remote Areas with Critical Power Needs

The company can also tailor MPU sets to tackle specific issues.For example, in Takoradi, Ghana, Mytilineos delivered 10 GE TM2500+ mobile gas turbine power packages and full operation and maintenance services, including trailer-mounted balance of plant equipment.


In Algeria, Mytilineos installed and commissioned 38 mobile gas turbine power generating sets with a total output of 775 MW attained at local ambient conditions. Ninety-seven percent of Algeria’s generating capacity relies on natural gas-fired plants, which equates to about 68 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. With renewables a far way off, the country depends on mobile power to supplement the grid during peak periods.

Selection Criteria for MPU Contractors

When evaluating an MPU contractor, several key factors must be considered, Horinos said. First, the contractor's project execution track record should be assessed, along with their project management skills and functional expertise. This is especially important when working with the plug-and-play functionalities of MPUs.

Additionally, the contractor should have the flexibility and capacity to respond to unexpected events and execute multiple projects simultaneously. Another factor is whether the contractor can offer fast-track solutions. Finally, collaboration with full scope operations and management organizations is essential.

Emerging Trends in Mobile Power

Electrification is at the forefront of the energy transition. The key challenge for system operators will be keeping up with electricity demand in real time to avoid blackouts. MPUs can cover this fluctuating demand. This means boosting grid output when consumption rises, or when renewable energy input is insufficient due to intermittent sunlight or wind.

“As a chemical energy carrier that meets the storage and flexibility needs of renewable energy, hydrogen is contained within the decarbonization strategies of many global powers. The EU, U.K., United States, Japan, and China are all exploring ways to progress its use,” said Horinos. “Hydrogen can be used to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, such as heavy industry, trucking, aviation, or shipping.”

MPU technology is keeping up with hydrogen advancement. MPUs are not only an effective solution to feed the grid during renewable energy source output fluctuations, but MPU technology also has hydrogen-blend capability to aid in lowering emissions further.

The March/April 2023 cover story provides an in-depth analysis of the mobile power gas turbine market, offering a comprehensive look at the latest trends and developments in this evolving sector.