Compressors with foil bearings applied in fuel cells

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R&D Dynamics Corporation, located in 

Bloomfield, Connecticut

has commercialized its oil-free compressor technology for mobile fuel cell applications. The company says it has been awarded a production contract to supply high-pressure ratio, oil-free, foil-bearing supported compressors for a major fuel cell manufacturer.

Fuel cells were invented in 1838, and only in the last 40 years, was the technology matured and made cost-effective for commercial use. A major roadblock has been the machinery technology that can deliver compressed air to the fuel cell stack for contamination-free operation. R&D Dynamic's air bearing technology is said to help in the use of fuel cells in cars and mobile fuel cell systems.


R&D Dynamics Corporation is a

Bloomfield, Connecticut-based company that manufactures

high-technology, energy-efficient products such as oil-free blowers, compressors, expanders, generators and organic rankine cycle systems. It has an 83,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility that produces FAA-approved aerospace components and overhauls aerospace machinery.