Cortec Biobased Rust Removers

Available in liquid or gel form

Cortec biobased rust removers are an alternative to sandblasting and other forms of mechanical rust removal in restoring equipment and components to a better condition. Rust can take place after months or years of shipping or storing metals, or within minutes of a part rolling off the assembly line.

VpCI-422 is a liquid product ideal for use in dip tanks. VpCI-423 is a gel version for use on vertical surfaces or other areas where the rust remover needs to cling. These products remove a significant amount of rust in a half hour. If faster rust removal action is desired, opt for the non-biobased VpCI-426, available in liquid or gel form. All three formulas can be used to remove oxides from iron, steel, and yellow metals.

VpCI-422 and VpCI-423 are relatively easy and safe to use due to their lower acidity and large percentage of common food-industry ingredients. Both products contain 91% USDA certified biobased content and are National Science Foundation (NSF) registered as A3 acid cleaners in the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program.