CTCI-led consortium awarded multi-billion-dollar contract for combined cycle plant in Taiwan

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Taiwan’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) leader, CTCI Corporation, and consortium partner, General Electric International Inc. (GE), secured a record-breaking multi-billion dollar EPC contract for five combined cycle gas-fired power generating units at two power plants in Taiwan.

GE's 7HA.03 gas turbine.[/caption]

The project includes three new generating units at Hsinta Power Plant with 3,900 MW installed capacity and two new generating units at Taichung Power Plant with 2,600 MW installed capacity, both of which are owned by Taiwan Power Company, the state-owned electric power utility corporation.


CTCI Corporation will provide engineering and construction of civil work and erection for the generating units, as well as whole work of balance of plant. GE will deploy ten units of its latest gas turbine technology, the 7HA.03, with its matching steam turbine, generators and HRSG at both sites.

The new generating units will commence operations in phases from 2024, gradually replacing coal-fired power generating units, in line with Taiwan government’s non-nuclear and clean energy policy that seeks to increase gas-fired power ratio to 50% by year 2025.

CTCI Corporation has a long track record in power plant EPC in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, including nuclear, thermal, cogeneration, and combined cycle power plants. In addition, its parent CTCI Group continues to support the Taiwanese government’s energy diversification policies by tapping into renewable energy sectors such as offshore wind, solar power, and biomass. For GE, the project builds on the company’s track record in Taiwan, where GE’s HA technology will power the Datan 7, 8 & 9 combined-cycle power plants.