Delta Completes Deployment of Power Train Unit for Datacenter

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Delta Electronics executed the deployment of its self-contained PTU solution to support cooling and provide power for a hyper-scale datacenter in Australia.

Delta Electronics has successfully executed the rapid deployment of its prefabricated, self-contained power train unit (PTU) solution to support a hyper-scale datacenter in Australia. The PTU solution will be installed at the datacenter for power and cooling applications, and offers the advantages of rapidly scalable power with high reliability and efficiency.


As part of the project, Delta deployed 12 PTUs for the customer’s datacenter in 16 weeks, in comparison to the 30-40 weeks required for a traditional power solution of the same scale. The factory-tested solution reduced time and costs during the on-site testing and commissioning phase.

"Leveraging Delta's high power density products enabled us to deliver power solutions with substantial capacity in a minimal footprint to fit in site-limited space,” said Mr. Farhad Azizian, Delta Australia Engineering Manager. “To enhance the overall system efficiency, we incorporated a high-efficiency Delta UPS, implemented an energy-saving cooling solution using elevated water temperature, and optimized the supply-to-load delivery path to reduce losses. This resulted in a more sustainable solution in addition to saving energy and reducing client OPEX. This was made possible with close collaboration between our engineering team, the client, and coordination with the site contractor team."

The PTU solution is rated to 1425 kW, utilizing the modular DPH UPS with UL9540A tested lithium-ion batteries, water-cooled DX cooling, fire detection (VESDA), gas fire suppression (NOVEC), and a customizable monitoring and management system. The fully customizable software uses Delta’s energy management system (EMS) platform and is capable of rapid deployment to the site.