Doble, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Partner to Advance Condition Monitoring for Dissolved Gas Analysis

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Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen will serve as a re-seller of Doble’s Calisto R9 dissolved gas analysis monitor, which offers infrared gas measurements and on-board calibration.

Doble Engineering has announced a collaboration with Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) to advance dissolved gas analysis and condition monitoring technology. According to the agreement, MR will act as a re-seller of Doble’s Calisto R9 dissolved gas analysis (DGA) monitor, which provides early fault detection and accurate DGA diagnostics to asset managers worldwide. The collaboration also allows customers to purchase MR’s transformer control, regulation, and monitoring system, ETOS, and the Calisto R9 as an integrated package.

"The growing demand for digitization and monitoring of power transformers increases the number of ETOS systems worldwide and at the same time, the request from our customers for a wide solution range,” said Roland Götz, Head of Innovation and Technology Automation at Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR). “Doble shares our commitment to providing utility teams with intelligent systems for a safe, economical and resilient power supply, making this collaboration a natural fit."


The Calisto R9 is a U.S.-patented system that uses water vapor as a calibrant, allowing it to deliver accurate gas readings over a long period of time without maintenance costs associated with consumable gas cylinders. ETOS enables users to analyze, evaluate, and record relevant operating data from power transformers based on the asset intelligence function. ETOS can also include sensors from external manufacturers and combines the signals in a centralized, intelligent edge system.

The Calisto R9 reports hourly readings of all key transformer fault gases. An infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy (DIPAS) method provides accurate measurements of carbon monoxide (CO), CO2, methane, acetylene, ethylene, and ethane. Hydrogen is measured with a thermal-conductivity method commonly used in Calisto fault-detection monitors.

"We are proud that a century of knowledge in asset health and maintenance and experience in dissolved gas analysis made it possible to create a next-generation product that simplifies dissolved gas monitoring for utilities globally," said May Scally, Chief Operating Officer at Morgan Schaffer, a Doble company. "We look forward to being able to expand the reach of the Calisto R9 with MR and its monitoring system ETOS by offering it to more asset management teams worldwide."

Doble produces the Calisto R9 at its Morgan Schaffer facility in Montréal, Québec, using methodologies for lean manufacturing and quality assurance. MR representatives, as well as Doble’s international network of partners, will provide after-sales support and dedicated customer care.