Doosan Škoda power to supply 155MW steam turbine to Poland

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The final destination has been announced for another turbine manufactured by Doosan Škoda in its Pilsen plant. The two-core DST-S10 steam turbine will be installed in a new power plant on the banks of the Vistula River in the Żerań district of Warsaw. The 155 MW turbine will become a part of a newly installed combined gas-steam cycle, which will increase the current capacity of the power plant by 80%. Apart from the turbine, Doosan will also supply the generator and all related operational equipment.

The consortium established by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe and Polimex-Mostostal builds a new steam-gas cycle at the power plant site. The new block with a total output capacity of 490 MW will thus increase the current capacity of the Żerań CCPP by 80%.

In addition to the two-core steam turbine with an axial outlet and a total output power of 155 MW, Doosan Škoda Power will also supply all of the other equipment required for safe and reliable operation of the turbo set, such as the control system and field instrumentation, vent steam condenser, oil system, wiring, fittings, insulation, pipework, noise enclosure, and vibration measurement and diagnostics system. A sister company, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, supplied a compatible generator for the project.


Aside from designing the turbine, Doosan Škoda Power is also providing assembly and technical supervision services during the preparation phase and turbine operation. At the end of January 2019, a trial assembly of the supplied technology was successfully carried out at the Pilsen plant. Members of the consortium of power plant engineers and operators also took part. “The trial assembly went smoothly and the turbine and other components are ready to be shipped to the construction site,” said project manager Stanislav Bálint of Doosan Škoda Power, summing up the current status of the project.

The assembly of the turbine set is anticipated to begin in April 2019. The entire project is expected to be completed in 2020 according to the schedule. Engineers from Doosan Škoda Power will supervise the assembly and subsequent operation launch on site.Aside from the Żerań power plant, the company has also supplied turbines for operation in Zabrzeg, Płock, Tychy and StalowaWola, Poland.