Doosan Škoda to supply steam turbines for Volkswagen factory

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Doosan Škoda Power will supply two 50 MW industrial turbines with controlled extractions, gearboxes and generators to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg. The requirements for steam turbine operation within the automobile factory differs considerably from standard supplies for conventional or industrial power plants, and for Doosan Škoda Power this project is the first implementation in the automotive industry.

This project is a continuation of cooperation between Doosan Škoda Power and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems in a combined cycle, where Mitsubishi supplies the gas turbines and Doosan Škoda Power supplies the steam turbines.“This flexible configuration of single-flow steam turbine with controlled extraction, gearbox and generator is often used in industrial operations. Not only does it generate electrical energy, but it also supplies necessary steam of requested parameters via extractions to other technologies of the factory - in this case into the Volkswagen production technology,”says Michal Sarpong, Head of Proposals in Doosan Škoda Power.


Steam turbines for a long time have been used not only for the generation of electrical energy–but with regulated or unregulated extractions, the turbine can also supply steam to other technology such as pulp and paper production or seawater desalination. In the past, Doosan Škoda Power also supplied its products to industrial applications like Třineckéželezárny, Bratislava's Slovnaft refinery or paper mills in Germany, Sweden and Finland. In general, every operation with a high internal power consumption is worth investing into its own turbine. Such investment will generally return to the companies within six to ten years.