Doosan Škoda to supply two 50MW steam turbines for Palu 3 project in Indonesia

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The Pilsen steam turbine manufacturer, for which Doosan Škoda is the parent company, will supply two 50MW steam turbines, including other parts of additional technology and equipment, for one of the most modern power generating plant in Indonesia. The project site is located in a seismically active area and during the execution Doosan Škoda Power used its rich experience from similar projects it had previously installed in Indonesia, Chile and Saudi Arabia. Deliveries to the construction site will take place in mid-2021 and will be followed by assembly work under expert supervision of Doosan Škoda Power. The first steam is expected to be invited to the turbines in 2023.

The Palu 3 power plant will be one of the most advanced technology in Indonesia. Circulating fluidized bed boilers have been chosen as the source of steam. They have been designed to achieve maximum fossil fuel combustion efficiency and thus will significantly contribute to reducing nitrogen oxide and sulphur emissions. The new boilers will be installed in a block with two 50MW DST-G20 steam turbines with accessories. In addition to supplying the steam turbines, Doosan Škoda Power is providing a synchronous generator, oil system, control system and other equipment, including a design for the turbine pedestal and coordination of the applicable part of the project.

Construction and design work has been underway since February 2020. The steam turbine design includes a reserve by which the power output can be raised to 64.5MW, which could increase the utility value of the technology in future.


3D model of the Palu 3 turbo set in Indonesia.[/caption]