Dovetailing organic rankine cycle to the gas turbine exhaust

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NRGreen Power and GE recently announced plans for a new recovered energy project that will produce power without additional emissions using the first global application of GE's ORegen system. The technology will be installed at Alliance Pipeline's Windfall Compressor Station near Whitecourt, Alberta, to generate electricity through the use of waste heat. The ORegen system is the latest in Organic Rankin Cycle technology.

The ORegen system recovers waste heat from gas turbine exhaust and converts it into electric energy, improving overall plant efficiency by up to 50 percent or more and producing electric power with no additional fuel. The system is ideal for remote locations because it does not require water utilization or the use of on-site manned operational supervision.


Murray Birch, President and CEO of NRGreen, an affiliate of Alliance Pipeline said, "This technology recovers heat energy that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere and transforms it into electric energy, without producing any new emissions. When constructed, the Whitecourt facility will generate and deliver up to 14 megawatts of electricity per hour - enough power for 14,000 Canadian homes.”

NRGreen Power Limited Partnership currently has four operational waste heat recovery units. Its Whitecourt Recovered Energy Project marks the company's fifth waste heat recovery installation, and its construction will commence in May 2012.

The project will be funded in part by Alberta's Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation. Supplementing NRGreen's substantial investment, the CCEMC will contribute $7 million to the Whitecourt Recovered Energy Project.