Elliott Group to supply 20 M5 motor-driven compressors for Russian refinery

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Elliott Group recently won the order for a coker compression string for the Antipinsky Refinery in Tyumen, Russia. The project is part of the refinery's Phase III expansion to increase capacity and to incorporate EURO-5 standards for diesel fuel. Foster Wheeler is the licensor and design developer for the project.

Elliott will supply a 20M5 motor-driven compressor and auxiliaries, including a lube oil system, a dry gas seal panel, and a control system. The compressor string will enable the refinery to meet stringent clean fuel requirements. The compressor will be built and tested at Elliott's manufacturing facility in Sodegaura, Japan.


Alexander Ponomarev, Area Sales Manager for Russia, said the award reflected Antipinsky Refinery's confidence in Elliott's technical strengths. "Our ability to meet new process requirements within the existing footprint was also a key consideration."