Elliott to supply equipment for Gulf Coast and Alberta

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Elliott Group has been selected to replace an alkylation compressor train at a major Gulf Coast refinery. The project is expected to provide efficiency enhancements to eliminate process bottlenecks. The order includes a 46MBD4-4 compressor with a double flow configuration, driven by an SQV9 steam turbine, a lube oil console and a gas panel.

Elliott’s new equipment is said to meet revised process conditions and performance requirements within the available footprint and infrastructure. The equipment will be manufactured at Elliott Group’s plants in Jeannette and Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, USA.


Kyle Carpenter, Director of Sales, Elliott Engineered Products – North America said the process requirements presented a number of technical challenges and design options. “We provided a specialized solution that will maximize efficiency and output under stringent process conditions. With more than 60 years of experience with high mach applications such as alkylation compression, Elliott’s demonstrated expertise was instrumental in meeting the customer’s needs for this project.”

Midstream fractionation

Elliott has secured another midstream fractionation order for an inlet gas separation compressor to be installed at a processing facility in Northern Alberta, Canada. The 25MBL6 compression string will be motor driven, with a variable frequency drive system and gear box.

Elliott’s barrel compressors are designed to handle the toughest duties. To boost overall machine efficiency, rotating labyrinth teeth and abradable seals are standard offerings.

For corrosive or fouling services, Elliott’s internal coatings provide extra protection for extended equipment life between scheduled maintenance and overhauls.