Elliott's measures to combat COVID-19

Published on: 

In a message, Michael Lordi, Elliott Group's CEO, detailed the actions Elliott has taken to combat COVID-19.

1.       Implemented a severely restrictive travel policy for international and domestic travel for employees

and customers. However, we will continue to respond to customer emergencies.

2.       Limited face-to-face contact by enabling and equipping employees who are able to work remotely.

3.       Limited customer visits to the fullest extent possible, while actively encouraging the use of

alternative virtual meeting methods.

4.       Limited internal meetings to as small a group as possible, but not to exceed 10 attendees. This is


in line with CDC/WHO guidelines.

5.       Cancelled or postponed facility visits from sales representatives, suppliers, and

other business partners.

6.       Reinforced social distancing, personal hygiene, and enhanced cleaning procedures in all company

facilities worldwide.