Emerson Introduces Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings

Published on: 

Emerson launches the Rosemount 319 flushing ring, which, according to the company, offers improved differential pressure measurement and maintenance.

Emerson recently unveiled the Rosemount 319 Flushing Ring with an integrated valve design aimed at providing accurate differential pressure measurements and simpler maintenance across various differential pressure applications. The Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings are available in traditional and compact models, offering a connection between process and seal, and enabling quicker diaphragm seal maintenance without detaching them from process flanges.

Both the traditional and compact versions of the Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings are pre-assembled, comprising the flushing ring, corresponding valves, and connections. This pre-assembly allows for faster device commissioning by removing the need to source and assemble components onsite. The Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings are factory-tested for leaks, which facilitates immediate mounting to vessels. The installation process expedites diaphragm seal maintenance while maintaining safety, reducing inventory, and streamlining the management of various vendor components.


The design features a flow-through cleaning action and can be adapted to fit a wide array of applications. It offers a selection of ball valves, needle valves, or gate valves, and is available in multiple materials, flange types, sizes, and ratings. It accommodates a broader range of applications due to its smaller footprint, making it suitable for situations where space is at a premium. The compact version also cleans 30% more surface area with 50% fewer leak points than other flushing rings.