ESG Clean Energy Reveals Test Results for Carbon-Capture Water Removal System

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The carbon-capture water removal system exceeded a removal rate of over 90% from power generation systems.

ESG Clean Energy announced that results from tests of its patented water removal system exceeded a water removal rate of over 90%. This level of efficiency in removing water from power generation systems enables a low-cost, energy efficient way of capturing carbon. The testing took place at ESG’s 4 MW power generation site in Holyoke, MA.

Using calibrated humidity sensors at the beginning and end of the exhaust gas stream, the test results exceeded the modeled forecast of 83% that was established during the initial design phase of its carbon capture process. ESG Clean Energy will implement this technology across its planned facilities and has licensed the system to a subsidiary of Camber Energy for multiple locations in Canada and the United States.


“We knew our design was solid, but we were not expecting to reach this level of efficiency so quickly,” said Nick Scuderi, President of ESG Clean Energy, LLC. “And given the fact that we have yet to fully optimize our design, we believe the efficiency will be even higher. This will work to our benefit as we scale to meet the demands of fossil fuel consumption in small and large power facilities, and eventually the transportation industry.”

The water removal system treats the exhaust stream to remove water vapor before it is treated for capturing CO2. The technology consists of an advanced ceramic membrane incorporated into a mechanical cooling system. It can be used on large and small systems and can be retrofitted for current operating power plants.