EthosEnergy awarded steam turbine retrofit contract by Kepco

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EthosEnergy has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract byKepco KPS for the retrofit of a steam turbine at GS Power’s Bucheon Power Plant in South Korea.

The full scope of the project includes the replacement and re-design of the HP rotor, HP rotating and stationary blades as well as the replacement of the LP last stage blades.

A spokesperson from Kepco KPS said, “Our alliance with EthosEnergy over the past 11 years meant that they were our first choice for this project. We knew that they could not only complete the retrofit but apply their engineering know-how to extend the life of the Steam Turbine, in turn will generate more power and heat to the wider area.”


Sean Carter, SVP of Major Maintenance, APAC said, “Our capability to create customized steam turbine designs to fit the customer’s requirements coupled with our depth of engineering expertise, assured Kepco KPS that we were the right choice to add significant value to the GS Power Plant.

“The retrofit will not only extend the life of the steam turbine, but will also improve the reliability and increase the efficiency of power generation at this plant.”