Upgrade provides open architecture to control systems

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EthosEnergy has been awarded three

multi-million dollar

contracts for a series of

control system upgrade

s for two steam turbines

and four

gas turbines at various

power plant

s in Oregon

, Iowa and Michigan


The full scope of work

for the contracts

entails upgrading existing vintage


control system


with new digital control system


and associated balance of plant systems, modernization of unit instrumentation to provide more diagnostics capability and reliability, as well as upgrading various other control systems to the high spec modern standards


Mike Moore, Senior VP of Optimization & Upgrades, EthosEnergy said, “Our customer

s are looking to deploy overall integrated control system solutions that

encompass both the turbine control and balance of plant control

as well as modernize the systems

. Both of these technologies will improve plant life cycle costs in spares, software licenses, employee training and associated maintenance costs via a common control system platform. 

“Our  system upgrades

also deal with an

y obsolescence issues on the critical gas turbine control systems no longer supported by the manufacturer

s of the turbine and balance of plant

systems, both hardware and software. This allows the plant to be run independently taking advantage of the latest advances in controls technology, both today and in the future, therefore more efficiently maintaining these critical systems and improving reliability and availability for the plant.  We refer to this as increasing the life cycle value of our customer’s assets.”