EthosEnergy has been awarded a multi-million dollar optimization and upgrades contract

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EthosEnergy has been awarded a multi-million optimization and upgrades contract for work with a customer in the upper Mid-West.

The contract is for an ico controls upgrade on two Pratt and Whitney FT4 TwinPac’s (gas fuel only) with turnkey installation and commissioning. Over 70 Pratt and Whitney FT4 units (TwinPacs, MobilePacs, and PowerPacs) have been retrofit with icon controls.

Mark Dobler, CEO of EthosEnergy said, “Through our existing relationship with the customer we were already familiar with their siteand the key customer needs for the facility.


“The work completed on the Pratt & Whitney FT4A-9 TwinPac’s will mean that all of the units at the site have common control systems, extending the life of the plant and reducing maintenance.”

The EthosEnergy icon control system provides a low-risk, open-architecture solution that eliminates restrictive operational and support barriers of legacy purpose built systems.