EthosEnergy Opens O&M Performance Center in Houston

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The performance center offers plant owners 24/7 real-time remote start-stop capabilities and access to asset monitoring, diagnostics, and remote engineering support.

EthosEnergy opened its operations and maintenance-based (O&M) performance center in Houston, TX, allowing EthosEnergy to 100% manage operational control of power generation assets if the company so chooses. The O&M center provides continuous real-time start-stop capabilities, asset monitoring and diagnostics, and the support of EthosEnergy engineers to assist a power plant’s long- and short-term energy operations.

“Over EthosEnergy’s history, we have maximized the reliability of assets under our purview using extensive experience and robust policies and procedures,” said Terry Schoenborn, EthosEnergy’s Senior Vice President of O&M. “Our customers have benefited from this approach, with independent industry data showing our average Equivalent Forced Outage Rate (EFOR) to be at least 1% lower than peer operators on most plants. The Performance Center builds upon this, benefiting both new and existing clients through the use of 24/7 real-time data and secure pre-emptive monitoring technology. This gives our team full visibility and start-stop control of a plant’s assets, minimizing downtime, and leading to fewer unexpected costs while maximizing profitability.”


The performance center’s benefits include:

  • reduced downtime
  • maintained peak efficiencies
  • maximum revenue generation

The center’s operators control start-stop operations with an encrypted, cyber-secure VPN designed to comply with NERC CIP Medium protocols. In addition, operators can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to detect early warnings of reliability and performance issues. Early detection can minimize forced outages and unplanned maintenance.

The center can manage multiple plants remotely, allowing owners to enhance staffing efficiencies and lower the costs of challenges associated with local attrition and talent recruitment. The company’s established full-service O&M solution works in tandem with the performance center, as the team enters a contract with plant owners to assume full care, custody, and control of the plant. This contract enables the team to use processes and strategies to provide safe, compliant, and profitable operations.

EthosEnergy, since its founding, has managed more than 100 facilities and over 40 GW of power generation. In a recent business venture, EthosEnergy and Harbour Energy signed a five-year master service agreement (MSA) that sets the company as the primary service provider for the maintenance and support of Harbour’s light industrial gas turbine fleet. As part of the agreement, EthosEnergy will provide workshop support, spare parts, and perform regular planned and unplanned maintenance.

“We are proud to provide our comprehensive suite of services, including the repair and ongoing maintenance of the gas turbine units, to Harbour Energy,” said Mario Cincotta, Executive Vice President of East Hemisphere at EthosEnergy. “The expansion of our relationship builds on the steps we have taken alongside Harbour Energy to support the company in lowering life cycle costs, increasing the reliability of its turbines and extending equipment life across its asset portfolio.”

The company also introduced a CO2 assessment tool, EcoView, midway through 2023. The tool provides environmental insights across each phase of a gas turbine’s rotor lifecycle. These evaluations quantify the carbon and financial reductions that can be achieved from maintaining existing equipment compared with purchasing new.