Exergy Secures Contract for 24 MWe Geothermal Power Plant

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The agreement for a 24 MWe geothermal binary plant in Aydin, Turkey, brings Exergy's portfolio to over 500 MWe in total capacity.

Exergy International has signed an agreement with Hez Enerji for the provision of a 24 MWe geothermal binary plant, the Bilecik HEZ Moralı JES-1 unit, to harness the geothermal field in Aydin, Turkey. The ORC power plant is scheduled for delivery by Q2 of 2024, with startup anticipated by the end of that year.

Hez Enerji is an energy company with nine geothermal license areas under development across Aydin, Manisa, Denizli, Bilecik, and Nigde regions, totaling 42,434 hectares. Since commencing exploration activities in 2016, the company continues to develop its production wells, aiming to exploit the geothermal potential of the license areas, estimated at around 300 MWe of total capacity.

Exergy will oversee the design, engineering, and supply of the power plant. The binary system design features a cycle utilizing two 12 MWe Radial Outflow Turbines (ROT) and an air-cooled condensing system. The project includes local manufacturing of the turbines and generator, which will be delivered by Exergy's subsidiary company in Turkey, Exergy Turkey. This arrangement enables Hez Enerji to benefit from the Made in Turkey incentives.


The project aims to further increase the share of renewable energy production in Turkey, a country among the top 10 worldwide for geothermal power generation with 1.7 GWe of installed capacity and rapid growth in recent decades. Upon operation, the new Hez Energy power plant will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 70,000 tons per year compared to equivalent fossil fuel power generation and contribute to the nation's decarbonization goals.

Luca Pozzoni, General Manager of Exergy International, remarked, "This new contract is a recognition of the high reliability and quality of our technology and services and our ability to serve the Turkish market." Pozzoni added, "We are honored to have a new client in our geothermal portfolio, and we are sure that this will be the beginning of a long-lasting business partnership. We are committed to continue developing the geothermal power potential in Turkey."