Fast track power plant to meet Adelaide's peak summer demand

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APR Energy, a supplier of fast-track power solutions, has commissioned two new power plants in 

South Australia

 that will help to defend against summer power outages. In 

August 2017

, SA Power Networks contracted APR Energy to install and operate power plants in the suburbs of 


 that would add as much as 276MW of generating capacity by 

December 1

, in advance of peak seasonal demand.

Pre-commissioning activities included rigorous testing by SA Power Networks and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), and extensive rehearsals to ensure the plants could meet the customer's requirement to inject electricity to the grid at the first sign of power fluctuations.

APR Energy's plants feature the latest generation of GE TM2500 mobile gas turbines of 30 MW capacity. A key part of the South Australian Government's Energy Plan, the 


' fast-start capability and built-in Power System Stabiliser technology will play a vital role in helping to maintain grid stability by rapidly injecting large blocks of power while regulating the grid voltage and frequency levels.


This is APR Energy's third mobile 




 project in 


The commissioning of the 

South Australia

 plants comes just days after APR Energy installed two TM2500 


 for hurricane-ravaged 

Puerto Rico

. The company also is nearing completion of a 70MW turbine project in 


 for Pemex after a major earthquake damaged much of the generating capacity at its largest refinery.