Fifth combined cycle plant of Russian gas turbine starts up

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The LUKOIL-West Siberia's Povkhovskaya GTES-48 gas turbine electric power plant was put into full production run last month. The 48-MW electric power plant operates on oil-associated gas in the cogeneration cycle.

The Povkhovskaya GTES-48 is now the fifth facility of LUKOIL-West Siberia's on-site power generation developed by Aviadvigatel specialists. The electric power plant consists of four 12 MW power generating units based on the GTU-12PG-2 gas turbine unit.


This is the first LUKOIL-West Siberia's gas turbine electric power plant of the cogeneration cycle. The electric power plant operating on oil-associated gas is expected to produce electrical and heat power for production facilities of the Povkhovskoye oil-field and the rotational village of Povkh. For this, the station is equipped with four UT-73 waste heat exchangers made by the Ukhta experimental mechanical plant. The operation of the GTES-48 with waste heat exchangers is expected to significantly increase the utilization ratio of fuel and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Speaking at the opening of the new electric power plant LUKOIL President Vagit Alekperov said the Povkhovskaya GTES-48, as well as other facilities of on-site power generation of LUKOIL-West Siberia, will receive the full service throughout the life cycle of power generating units of the gas turbine EGES-12S's.

In total, at oil-fields of the Western Siberian oil company, five gas turbine electric power plants based on the EGES-12S power generating units have been constructed (the Tevlinsko-Russkinskaya, the Krasnoleninskaya, the Vat-Eganskaya, the Pokachevskaya and the Povkhovskaya), with an overall capacity of 264 MW.