Finding the right filter

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Finding and requesting the right air filter for any industrial application quickly and easily is the promise behind the new edition of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies' digital product catalog. With its new design, the Viledon e-catalog can be accessed from all devices. It offers improved search as well as the option of comparing selected items and requesting them digitally. The product catalog is available in separate versions for the international and the North American market, each offering a different range of products. The international edition can be set to English and German.

“The product catalog has a modern look and feel and presents our portfolio of air filters for industrial applications in a user-friendly way,” explains Jochen Metzger, Digital Marketing Special-ist at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. “Our customers want to compare and request solutions in a wide variety of situations." For example, if a filter needs to be replaced in a production environment, customers may request it directly from the shop floor via their mobile device. Those who want to take their time researching filtration solutions tend to access the catalog from their desktop computers. The catalog allows for targeted searches using categories, such as product group, filter class or usage.