Finland Hydrogen Infrastructure

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Finnish hydrogen market development

Gasgrid-Finland, a state-owned Finnish energy company, is developing national hydrogen infrastructure to promote the hydrogen market in the Baltic Sea Region. Nearly 40% of the EU’s domestic hydrogen supply comes from the Upper Baltic. Continuous infrastructure improvements are planned to promote smooth operations.

This new job supports existing projects, such as the Nordic Hydrogen Route (NHR). The NHR between Finland and Sweden aims to create a network of pipelines in the Bothnia Bay region. Gasgrid is launching a demonstration on hydrogen transmission at Ovako’s Imatra mill to promote the hydrogen economy.


“The potential market size of the region is estimated to be 127 TWh per year already in 2030, which corresponds to about 20% of REPowerEU targets for hydrogen and about 38% of the target of domestic hydrogen produced in EU.”, said Gasgrid’s Head of Strategic Analysis & RDI Sara Kärki.