Finnish LNG Terminal Receives LNG from Vivit

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A Gasgrid Finland subsidiary helps ensure stable gas supply in Finland and the Baltics.

The Vivit Americas LNG carrier has successfully delivered a full cargo of LNG to the Floating LNG Terminal Finland's Exemplar vessel located in the port of Inkoo. Arriving in April, the loading proceeded as planned, and the gas was subsequently fed into the gas network for use in industrial, energy production, and household applications.

Satu Mattila, CEO of Gasgrid's Floating LNG Terminal Finland Oy, expressed satisfaction with the visit and noted the successful cooperation between the operators at the Inkoo terminal area.

“It is good to continue with this for the next deliveries during the spring. In mid-April, we are also inviting to reserve capacity for the next gas year, which starts on Oct. 1, 2023,” Mattila stated.


Floating LNG Terminal Finland Oy, a subsidiary of Gasgrid Finland established in 2022, operates the floating LNG terminal. The terminal began operations in January 2023 and helps ensure gas supply not only in Finland but also in the Baltic region. The LNG delivered by the carrier is vaporized into gas and subsequently fed into Gasgrid's gas network for distribution to industry and energy plants. At the terminal, LNG is supplied from the global gas market, and reloading typically takes about a day. The ship's vaporization capacity is more than 40 TWh per year, which surpasses Finland's annual natural gas usage requirement, usually around 25 TWh per year.