First of Mitsubishi's J-series Americas starts powering grid

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Mitsubishi's its first J-Series gas turbine installed in the Americas is now operational.

An M501J gas turbine is now part of a new 495-MW combined-cycle power plant at the Grand River Energy Center in Oklahoma. The turbine had its first fire 45 days ago on March 14, and is now selling electricity to the grid.

"This is our 23rd J-Series gas turbine installed globally, and our first in the Americas," said Paul Browning, MHPS Americas President and CEO.

"GRDA is now able to sell power to the grid ahead of schedule.  Successful and smooth commissioning is critical for MHPS, because our team is preparing to commission eleven more J-Series turbines in North America during the next 12-24 months."


The turbine was synchronized to the grid two days after first fire. On April 27, the test team was able to demonstrate sustained operations above the Grand River Dam Authority’s sellable power milestone, 35 days ahead of schedule. The plant is now finishing tuning as it approaches final performance demonstrations scheduled for June.

The plant, to be known as Grand River Energy Center Unit 3, will replace a coal-fired facility.