First upgrade order for GT13E2 after GE-Alstom merger

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color:#444444">GE Power Services, a unit of General Electric (GE) recently announced the first GT13E2 MXL2 gas turbine upgrade order since the completion of the GE-Alstom merger, at a combined-cycle power plant in Asia. GE will upgrade four GT13E2 gas turbines with MXL2 upgrade packages for state-owned enterprise EVN Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO3) at the Phu My power complex in Vietnam.

The upgrades are expected to deliver a combined-cycle efficiency increase of 1 percent, resulting in fuel savings of almost 2 percent and reduced CO




emissions. Power output is likely to increase by 50 MW, and gas turbine inspection intervals will extend to 48,000 equivalent operating hours, to reduce maintenance and repair expenses, reducing plant costs and improving profitability.

As part of GE’s recent acquisition of Alstom’s Power & Grid businesses, GE Power Services integrated several Alstom generating technologies into its portfolio. This includes the GT13E2 turbine as well as the MXL2 upgrade package. GE will also be responsible for Alstom power plant services contracts, including a long-term service agreement for the Phu My power complex.

Dinh Quoc Lam, president and CEO of EVNGENCO3 said, “We value the proven performance of utilizing the GT13E2 gas turbine technology and are cooperating with GE on MXL2 service upgrade solutions to achieve our operational goals, which we also are supporting through our recently opened gas turbine repair and reconditioning workshop at the Phu My power plant.”

Paul McElhinney, president and CEO of GE’s Power Services business said, “With Vietnam’s energy demand rising by more than 10 percent annually, the additional 50 MW this project brings will help ease national power shortages, particularly for the southern part of Vietnam.”

The GT13E2 MXL2 upgrade project for EVNGENCO3 is the first to be announced since GE completed its acquisition of Alstom’s power generation assets in early November. The GT13E2 MXL2 upgrade uses Alstom’s F-class turbine blading technology to increase efficiency and extend turbine lifetime. Improved turbine sealing is said to minimize losses, while advanced cooling technologies are likely to enable extension of the service interval.