Flame detection in turbine enclosures

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Sierra Monitor Corporation, a supplier of flame and gas detection solutions for 40 years, has introduced the new 39xx series flame detectors.

  • UV/IR model 3986 – Technology with a quick response time as low as 50 milliseconds and high false alarm immunity. This model is one of the most universal flame detectors for detecting visible and non-visible fires. Two options are available; one for hydrocarbon-based fire and one for non-hydrocarbon-based fire.
  • Multi-IR model 3976 – With the ability to monitor five IR bands, it has a quick response time as fast as 260 milliseconds and the highest false alarm immunity with a longer detection range. Its Fire Event Analysis (FEA) algorithm enables it to have excellent discrimination between real fires and non-fire signals which makes it one of the best on the market.
  • UV model 3966 – Technology with the quickest response time as low as 15 milliseconds, and is available in a standard as well as high temperature model rated to +125°C. The high-temp model is ideal for turbine enclosures to detect any visible hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires.