Four Atlas Acquisitions

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Summary of recent business additions

Atlas Copco has been busy. The first Atlas Copco integration is Les pompes à vide TECHNI-V-AC Inc.TECHNI-V-AC is a privately owned vacuum equipment and service provider with 10 employees. It will become part of the Vacuum Technique Service Division within the Vacuum Technique Area.

Secondly is Ceres Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer and designer of gas and vapor delivery equipment for the semiconductor industry.The acquisition includes the assets of two affiliates, North Park Metalworkers, Inc. and Peak Precision Technologies, Inc. Their revenue last year was $41 million, and their 185 employees will become part of the Semiconductor division within the Vacuum Technique Area.

Ceres Technologies, Inc. provides gas and vapor delivery equipment. They also contract manufacturing of process tools for OEMs and research organizations, and engineering services for semiconductor and industrial customers.North Park Metalworkers, Inc. produces welded enclosures, frames, and machined parts. Peak Precision Technologies, Inc. supplies precision welded and brazed fabrications.

The third company of July was Glaston Compressor Services Ltd. (Glaston), a British compressed air distributor and service provider. The 26-employee company will join the Service division within the Compressor Technique Area. Customers range from small to larger size manufacturing industry companies.


Fourth and finally is Compressed Air Products, Inc. (CAP). CAP sells to a broad range of industrial customer segments and has 20 employees. It also has a service business.CAP will enter into the Service division of the Compressor Technique Area.

The purchase price of these acquisitions has not been revealed.