MHPS logs orders for 2,6238 MW in first quarter

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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems bagged global orders of of 2,638 MW in the first quarter, which brought MHPS’ market share to 28.5 percent, according to market reports cited by MHPS.

Ken Kawai, MHPS President and Chief Executive Officer said: “Sales of MHPS’ gas turbines in both the advanced class and aero-derivative segments have gained momentum as utilities, independent power producers and municipalities around the world seek to lower their electricity cost through our unique combination of proven reliability and world class performance.”

MHPS’ J-Series gas turbines first entered commercial operation in 2011 and hold world-record reliability at 99.5%. In addition, they deliver combined cycle efficiency greater than 64%. The installed fleet of J-Series gas turbines recently achieved one million hours of commercial operation worldwide, which is nearly double that of competitors’ similar sized gas turbines.


Among the first quarter 2020 orders was one for two renewable-hydrogen-capable JAC gas turbines for the Intermountain Power Agency in Delta, Utah. Forty-five J-Series gas turbines are in commercial operation, and total ordered capacity exceeds 25 GW globally. One hundred and four units have been technically selected in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.

The company recently unveiled a performance enhancement of the FT4000 at its test facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. The FT4000 aeroderivative gas turbine from the Pratt & Whitney acquisition in 2013. The PWPS FT4000 first entered commercial operation in 2015.