GE delivers battery-gas turbine hybrid to California utility

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The LM6000 Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine (Hybrid EGT) supports SCE’s increasing renewable energy capacity by providing quick start, fast ramping capabilities when needed. The unit integrates a 10 MW, 4.3 MWh battery energy storage system capable of immediately providing power with GE’s proven 50MW LM6000 aero-derivative gas turbine.

California has committed to deriving 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The Hybrid EGT helps balance variable energy supply and demand, including during evening hours when the sun sets and solar power production falls while electricity usage surges as customers return home and turn on lights and appliances.


At the heart of the Hybrid EGT is a control system which seamlessly blends output between the battery and the gas turbine. The battery's role is to provide enough time for the gas turbine to to start and reach its full power. This helps to cut standby operation of the gas turbine, saving fuel and cutting emissions. In addition, demineralized water consumption will be reduced by approximately 45 percent, saving two million gallons of water annually and increasing the life of the equipment.